Fostering Saves Lives!

Become a foster parent by welcoming a dog or cat into your home! Help them grow, heal, and socialize.  Whether you can work with shy, undersocialized animals, provide a temporary home for dog or cat awaiting transport to the mainland, or give puppies or kittens a safe place until they are healthy enough for their forever home, you are saving lives!

Our Commitment to you
We provide food, beds, crates, medical care, and support.

Your Commitment to your Foster Animal
You provide a safe home and lots of love!

How do I become a foster?
Complete the KHS Dog Foster Application or KHS Cat Foster Application and have a conversation with a member of the KHS team.

KHS will let fosters know what animals are in need foster care. You let us know if there is a dog, cat, puppy or kitten you can help! Only take a foster when you have time!

How long will I foster the animal?
It depends on what kind of fostering you are looking to do. We have some animals who are waiting to transfer and already have their plane tickets — all they need is a little R&R before the trip. We also have nursing moms and puppies or kittens who need 6-8 weeks to get ready for adoption. Orphaned puppies or kittens may need a bit more time or care. We have something for everyone!

Can I adopt my foster?
Sure! But you still have to go through the dog adoption application process or cat adoption application process. Similarly, if you have family or friends that want to adopt, they will need to go through the adoption process.


Ready to Get Started?