Volunteer Benefits


1. Boost your mood and reduce stress: Not only is volunteering a way to give back to your community, but it was been proven to produce those feel good chemicals we all know and love. Bonus: Cuddling and petting animals also produces happy chemicals and actually lowers blood pressure.

2. You are making a difference: Your time can sometimes make the difference for how quickly a shelter animal is adopted. The Kaua`i Humane Society is a no-kill animal shelter meaning we do not turn animals away. KHS is often over-full of animals and only has so many hands to go around. When you’re able to help bathe, feed, groom, and spend quality time with the animals, you’re helping them be less afraid and more adoptable ready for their future families.

3. There is a big need for volunteers: Animal shelters can’t function without the help from volunteers. We have a very small staff who must care for on average 200 animals a day and many needing very specialized care. There are never enough hours in the day. Your help can give many animals a second chance at a happy life.

4. Make new friends and become a team player: If you’re volunteering at an animal shelter, it’s likely because you’re an animal lover, and so are the other volunteers. People who are drawn to the shelter are normally animal lovers and compassionate people. This is a great way to meet like-minded people whom you’d share some interests in common with.

5. Gain work experience or service hours: Volunteering is a great way to earn service or community hours. It can often lead to internships or job opportunities as well. All of these experiences can also boost your resume. Just because you are volunteering doesn’t mean you aren’t developing new skills that will help you along in your career.

6. Help develop a sense of responsibility and selflessness: Helping out at your local animal shelter can be a big responsibility. Like we mentioned earlier, on average there are 200 animals in the shelter at any given time (that’s not including the animals in foster care). The shelter needs your help! We rely on our volunteers to make sure the shelter is running smoothly. Not only is volunteering a big responsibility, but it is a selfless act fueled from wanting to make a difference.

7. Something new and fun: It always feels good to give back. Volunteering is also fun and new because there’s always different jobs that need to be accomplished. Whether you’re bottle-feeding neonatal kittens who teaching an old dog a new trick, it can be a great group activity to do with your friends!

8. Not a people person? No problem: Let’s face it, not everyone is a people person and that’s okay. You will mostly be in contact with animals. There are plenty of jobs that require you to work alone or just with the animals. This is perfect if you are shy or prefer keeping to yourself.

9. Stay active: Dog walking is one of the main tasks at shelters. Dog walking will help you get some fresh air and burn calories. Plus, most tasks, whether big or small (there’s always lots of cleaning), will get you moving and grooving, and likely breaking a sweat.

10. You get to be around animals who need you: The best part about volunteering at the Kaua`i Humane Society are the animals! You get to play and care for cats and dogs while helping them get adopted. You will build bonds and see your new furry friends’ personalities develop. It is truly a rewarding experience watching a shy or scared shelter animal blossom into a sweet pet. In turn, you will experience the unconditional love only a dog or cat can give.


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