A.L.O.H.A. Transfer Program

As an open admission shelter, the Kaua’i Humane Society receives over 3,000 animals each year. Unfortunately, we do not have enough adoptive homes on Kaua’i to place all of our incoming adoptable animals, so the A.L.O.H.A. transfer program is vital to finding placement options for Kaua’i’s homeless pets.

Every year, we transfer more than 800 animals to transfer partners on the mainland so they can find loving forever homes.

Most shelter-to-shelter pet transfer programs are able to simply drive their pets from the source shelter to the recipient shelter. Since there is approximately 2,500 miles of ocean between Kaua’i and its nearest mainland shelter partner, air travel is the only feasible way to move animals to recipient shelters, making the transfer process logistically challenging and costly.

If you are affiliated with a shelter or rescue on the mainland and are interested in partnering with us, please fill out the form below and our transfer coordinator will reach out to you shortly. Mahalo!

Want to Help? Sponsor a Transfer!

In order to transfer to the mainland, every dog or cat traveling must (1) have a rabies vaccine which would be otherwise unnecessary on Kaua’i, (2) be spayed or neutered, (3) be current on regular vaccines, (4) be dewormed, (5) have a health certificate, (6) have a plane ticket — usually via cargo, and (7) have a travel ready crate. The average cost of transferring an animal is approximately $300.

Your donation in support of our transfer program is essential to its success! You can sponsor a specific animal, part of an animals’ trip, or our transfer animals in general.

Mahalo to our Wonderful Transfer Partners!

Empty the Shelters: From July 8-31 adoptions are $25 and below thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation!