Surrendering a Pet

Kaua’i Humane Society (KHS) is available to assist you in rehoming your pet and/or provide you with resources so you can keep your pet. If you have read through the information below and are choosing to surrender your pet, please email to set up an appointment. We understand that unexpected hardships can provide challenges when taking care of your companion(s), let us help.

What do you need? How can we help keep you together?

  • Food: Sign up for our pet food bank, to register, please call 808-632-0610 or email
  • Medical Care: KHS offers a low-cost vaccine clinic twice a month, click HERE to register, and a low-cost spay and neuter program called SNAP, please email If your medical bills are adding up, consider applying for a CARE credit card that offers 0% interest for 12-18 months on veterinary expenses at Vet Clinics that accept CARE credit (and most do).
  • Landlord: KHS will provide a letter to your landlord requesting time for you to rehome your animal or find new housing. KHS has temporary emergency boarding options available. (Kaua’i Humane Society does not certify animals as Emotional Support Animals.)
  • Behavior Problems: Speak to a member of our Animal Programs Department on tips and resources to help curb any negative behavior your pet is demonstrating.
  • Moving: Speak to our Customer Service Manager to discuss pet travel options.

Pets that are comfortable and familiar with being in a home do not always do well in a shelter environment. It is not uncommon to see depression or other changes in behavior. Reach out to your community to rehome your pet.

Sites where you can post your animal for rehoming:

Surrendering an animal to KHS means you will be transferring ownership of that animal to the Kaua’i Humane Society. From that point forward, the staff at KHS will determine the best path forward for your pet. Please bring any veterinary records you have to the shelter when you come to surrender. $50 is the suggested donation per pet to help KHS with the cost of caring for your animal in its first days at the shelter.

If you are surrendering a pet that is not a dog or cat, please contact Kauai Animal Education Center at 808-822-0881.

Empty the Shelters: From July 8-31 adoptions are $25 and below thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation!