Gomez Galley Pet Food Bank

The Kaua’i Humane Society’s Pet Food Bank Can Help!

When economic issues threaten a pet owner’s ability to continue caring for his or her dog or cat, the Kaua’i Humane Society helps by offering a limited supply of pet food from our emergency pet food pantry: Gomez Galley. Our Gomez Galley food is generously donated by our supporters.

  • Food is available for pick up at the Kaua’i Humane Society from 10am-6pm by appointment only. We will make every effort to provide a 2 week supply of food for each pet in your home.
  • Pet owners receiving food from Gomez’ Galley pet food bank are asked not to add any more pets to their household once they have signed up for this program. You will receive food only for the animal (s) you have listed upon registration.
  • Supplies are donated. We try our best to supply a 2-gallon bags of dog food per dog in the home and a 1-gallon bag of food per cat in the home. This amount is not guaranteed.
  • We only allow one registration per household.
  • Registration is valid for 6 months, during that time you can pick up food every 2 weeks. Rollover of time is not permitted due to failure to pick up.
  • After six months, you will need to re-register, and must participate in our SNAP program. Please click here to apply for the SNAP program. 
  • To register, please call 808-632-0610 or email customerservice@kauaihumane.org to schedule an appointment for your first food bank pick up and to complete your registration form.
  • We are unable to deliver pet food.

Please print out this form, fill it out and bring it with you to KHS.

Empty the Shelters: From July 8-31 adoptions are $25 and below thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation!