Field Trips for Shelter Dogs: In Honor of Jian Mehta


Click the button below to tell us about your experience and share any photos or videos you may have taken. This information is vital in helping the shelter dog get adopted! Even the briefest snapshot of the dog’s behavior’s outside of the shelter is crucial to understanding the animal’s true personality. Make sure if you post that you tag us @kauaihumanesociety on Facebook and Instagram, and @kauaihumane on TikTok. Mahalo!

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KHS is pleased to announce the resumption of our Field Trip program! Enjoy the natural beauty of the Garden Island, get your “dog fix,” and give a shelter dog a break from the kennels all at the same time! Taking the dog out of the shelter and allowing him or  her to have a fun day is incredibly beneficial to the dog’s mental health, it often helps the dog get adopted, and most importantly, we get to learn more about the dog’s true behavior.


Click here to schedule a pickup time, let our staff match you with an appropriate field trip buddy, and then off you go! A non-refundable donation of $40 is requested to help defer the cost of running the field trip program and making sure all our amazing Kaua’i dogs have everything they need while waiting for their forever homes.


  • Pick up: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Return anytime before 5:00 p.m.

Please keep in mind that a late fee of $100.00 will be charged to your card on file for any late returns.


We’ll give you some advice depending on where to go on the day of your adventure, depending on the dog you choose and the weather outside. Suggestions often include:

  • Moalepe/Kuilau Trail
  • Loop Road/Wailua Arboretum
  • Kapaa Coastal Path
  • Secrets Beach — please be cautious of local sea birds nesting near the hiking trail and be careful of the hike down after rains
  • Mahaulepu Beach — please be cautious of local sea birds nesting nearby
  • Kalapaki Beach
  • Paths around the golf course behind Marriott Lihue
  • Kukuiolono Golf Course Path
  • Kekaha Beach
  • Sleeping Giant Trail — please do not visit Sleeping Giant after a rain as the trail can get very slick!

Most beaches allow dogs unless they are county-maintained beaches or parks. Kapa`a Beach Path is the only exception.


  • Participant must be at least 18 years old
  • Liability waiver must be signed.
  • Your credit card number will be charged a $200 deposit in the event the dog is not returned.
  • Dogs must be transported in an enclosed vehicle and must be tethered to the seats (no riding in an open convertible or in the open bed of a truck).
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times. Please do not introduce your shelter dog to other dogs you meet on your field trip. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Each family may only take one dog at a time. In order to take two dogs, they must be housed together in the shelter, or there must be two vehicles to take the dogs in.
  • Please do not rub anything on the dogs such as oils, lotions, or other scented creams which can cause irritation. If you intend to put sunscreen on the dog, please talk to a staff person first. Mahalo!
If you fall in love with your field trip dog, we can assist with getting the dog off-island. Just ask! Can’t adopt? That’s ok. We understand. If you would like to help them find their forever homes, there’s still a lot you can do!
  1. Purchase a cool t-shirt (designed by our very own transfer coordinator) or other merch from our Threadless shop here. Our portion of proceeds from the merch goes to sending dogs to rescue partners on the mainland.
  2. If you would like to fly with your dog to the mainland, we can reach out to rescues in your area. If we are able to place the dog at a shelter near you, we will arrange for a representative to meet you at the airport. There are vastly more opportunities for the dog to be adopted on the mainland than on our tiny island. Plus, we only partner with other no-kill shelters. Ask the front desk how you can help.
  3. Purchase a travel crate or other supplies from our Amazon Wishlist here
  4. Donate here or by clicking on the green donate button and remember to write “transfer program” in the memo line.

About the Program

The “Field Trips for Shelter Dogs” program is lovingly dedicated to Jian Mehta, a beautiful soul whose 23-year sojourn on this earth was far too brief yet impacted many. While growing up in Southern California, four-legged family members seemed to accompany him throughout every phase of his childhood. Kyana, the terrier-beagle mix mutt was a favorite, as were Oreo the chihuahua, Millie the Borzoi, Kai the cat, and Kona the pit bull. During 2015, Jian’s missionary work launched him into an outreach in South Africa, a leadership conference in Italy, and a staff position in Germany as the Worship Leader for the YWAM Berlin Base. Jian’s plans took a tragic turn early in 2016 when he fell ill with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). For almost 3 years, Jian was in and out of the hospital – sometimes for weeks and months at a time. In between hospital stays, Jian became an avid bird watcher and developed special relationships with the majestic winged creatures. Suffice it to say, Jian’s cancer battle was intense and hard-fought. Jian dedicated his life to sharing his religious beliefs with others and he was a life-long animal advocate. To honor his passion, we hope you will dedicate time on your trip to help Kauai’s shelter dogs get some exercise and a little sunshine.

In honor of Jian and to aid all of Kauai’s shelter pets in need, Kaua`i TV has sponsored and promoted the Field Trip Program on the Kaua`i Visitor’s Channel at no charge to KHS for the past 10 years. KHS is very grateful of this partnership because this helps the program reach tons of visitors ever year!