The Kauai Humane Society holds low-cost vaccination and microchip clinics the first Saturday of each month from 8:00am-11:00am.

  • Vaccines (for dogs and cats) – $20 per vaccine

Vaccines available for dogs:
DA2PPL/4L – protects against distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus and leptospirosis.
Bordetella (intranasal) – protects against kennel cough and is required prior to boarding at KHS.

Vaccines available for cats:
FVRCP – protects against upper respiratory infection (rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia. Required for boarding at KHS.

Please note:
It is possible that your pet could have a reaction to his or her vaccination.

Occasionally, there may be a small lump at the site of the injection (usually over one shoulder or upper front leg).  This lump can be itchy or sore to touch.  These lumps will generally go away within a week or so.  If it is bothering your pet excessively or is getting larger after one week, you can call one of our vet techs for advice (632-0610 ext. 107) or your regular veterinary clinic during business hours.

More severe reactions that require emergency care are rare.  Symptoms that require immediate attention include swelling of the face and/or neck, difficulty breathing, and collapse.  Severe allergic reactions to vaccination usually occur within an hour following the vaccination.  You may bring your pet back to the Kauai Humane Society during our business hours (8:00 am-4:00 pm on vaccine clinic Saturdays) or see your own veterinarian on emergency.

Deworming – $15 per animal

Strongid oral medication treats round and hookworms.

Flea and tick treatment – $15

Each treatment of Parastar protects against fleas and ticks for one month. A three-month supply is available for $60.

Microchip – $20 each

Microchipping is as simple as giving your pet a vaccination, and it is the only way to permanently identify your pet.  Microchipping services are available at the Kauai Humane Society during normal business hours. No appointment is necessary. Microchips are just $20, and chip registration is FREE!

It is vitally important to keep your pet’s microchip information current.

  • If you move – update your contact information.
  • If you change your number – update your contact information.
  • If you give your pet to a new home – update the contact information.
  • If you get a new pet – have the pet scanned for a microchip.  If it has one, update the contact information.  If it does not, come see us.

Do you need to update your contact information?  Call us today at 808-632-0610. We’re here to help.

Additional routine care for your pet

Vaccinations are an important part in maintaining an animal’s health.  There are additional steps you should take with your pet’s care that are not provided by the Kauai Humane Society.  These can be provided by your veterinarian.  The Kauai Humane Society strongly recommends that:

  1. Your pet has a yearly examination by a veterinarian to identify any medical problems that may need further evaluation.
  2. Your dog has a yearly blood test to check for heartworm, a parasite that can live in and cause damage to the heart.  The dog is then maintained on preventative medication that is given once a month.
  3. You become a regular client of a veterinarian or veterinary clinic.  The clinic is able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s care.  This is especially important in an emergency.  Many veterinarians only see their regular clients for after-hours emergencies.

Need a Veterinarian?

All Creatures Great and Small, Kapaa,  822-4229 – Dr. Ihor Basko
Kapaa Animal Clinic, Kapaa,  822-9791 – Drs. Pat Ahana, Fran Azeka, Christy Polloi, Ranela Steinberg, Leilani Sim-Godbehere, Bryce Ahana
Kauai Veterinary Clinic, Lihue,  245-4748 – Drs. Joanne Woltmon, Michael Woltmon, Susana Pulawa
Lihue Veterinary Hospital, Lihue,  245-2760 – Dr. David Haas
Paradise Animal Clinic, Kalaheo,  332-7315 – Drs. Craig Nishimoto, Melissa Shaw, Mariko Imamura

  • What vaccines does my pet need?

DA2PPL/4L (for dogs) and FVRCP (for cats) vaccines are considered core vaccines for all animals.

Bordatella vaccines (dog only)  are required by most boarding facilities and doggy-daycare-type businesses

  • Do I need an appointment?

No, all patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis from 8am until 11am, time permitting. Due to high demand please arrive early and allow at least 30 minutes to complete the vaccine services.

  • Is there an exam fee?

No exam fee, you pay only for the services rendered.

  • Can I just walk in with my pet?

Please bring your dog(s) on a leash and cat(s) inside a cat carrier (one cat per carrier).  Collars and ID tags on your pets are recommended.

  • Do I need to bring anything with me?

We recommend you bring any and all medical records you have from your regular veterinarian  for your pet, so we can be sure they are receiving only what they need.