Guidelines for Trap, Neuter, Return of Feral Cats

Thank you for your compassionate care of one or more feral cats.  By having these cats spayed or neutered, you are helping to improve their quality of life, reduce their numbers, and reduce the nuisance behaviors associated with mating. The price for feral cat spay or neuter at KHS is $30 per cat and includes the surgery and a mandatory ear tip, a microchip (required) will be implanted for an additional $20 and a license (required) will be issued for $17. Please click here for important information on trapping feral cats.

We know that feral cats on Kauai are a hot button topic so we asked one of the nation’s leading experts on managing feral cats to speak with Ron Wiley about the challenge we face here on Kauai. We’re grateful to Dr. Hurley and Ron Wiley for taking the time to discuss this important issue. You can listen to the interview here.  Interview

Following is additional information on our TNR program. Please read carefully.

  • Microchips are required for all feral cats undergoing spay or neuter surgery.  Microchip identification is the only way to identify the caretaker responsible for the feral cat’s care, and is the only way for us to return the cat to the caretaker if the cat is brought to the shelter as a stray. In addition, county law requires all cats be licensed regardless of whether they are a feral cat or owned pet.
  • Feral cats being spayed or neutered through our feral cat program will have one ear tipped.   Ear tipping is the preferred method to identify spayed or neutered feral cats because it is difficult to get close to feral cats; therefore, the identification must be visible from a distance.  Feral cats may interact with a variety of caregivers, veterinarians, and animal control personnel during their lifetimes, therefore immediate visual identification is necessary to prevent an unnecessary second trapping and surgery or possible euthanasia.
  • If you would like your cat to go home in a carrier other than the trap that the cat arrived in, please provide the alternative carrier in the morning at drop-off.  We require one carrier for each cat for safe recovery.  Due to the stress associated with a carrier transfer after the cat has awakened from anesthesia, we cannot transfer the cat to a different carrier after s/he has awakened.
  • If you are interested in mass trapping and getting a large number of cats (more than 10) altered on one day, we can schedule a special feral fix day.  Please call or leave us your contact information so that our veterinarian can schedule it with you.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and for your care of Kauai’s felines.