Pet Resources

Whether you’re considering adoption, you’re fostering a shelter pet, or you’ve already adopted and you’re looking for some tips on new pet ownership, we hope you find these pet resources helpful!


Please click these links to learn more about:

Before You Adopt – What to consider before adopting a pet

Fear Free Adoption Resources – How to minimize stress for your new pet

After Adoption – Pet behavior and training

Microchips & Keeping Pets Safe – best practices to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy/What are microchips and why are they required by law?

Lost & Found Pet Resources – What to do if you’ve lost a pet, or found a stray animal

Neonatal Kittens – What to do if you’ve found kittens & resources for bottle baby fosters

Foster Resources – These resources are helpful for common questions about fostering shelter pets

Kaua`i Cats & Native Birds – Learn how to become a Pono Cat Parent

If  you need more immediate assistance regarding a KHS animal, please email