Why License Your Dog or Cat?

A current license is your pet’s ticket home!  A person is far more likely to help a dog/cat who is wearing a collar and tag.  A dog or cat wearing a license gets home quicker…  and it’s the law.

Not sure if your license is current or expired?  Current tags are silver bone shapes for dogs, and small circle shapes for cats, these are good until 12/31/2020.

Any new licensing must be done in person or by mail.

Under HRS 22-10.5, all dogs and cats are required to have a current County of Kauai  license.  Licenses are available at the Kauai Humane Society.

  • Click HERE for a printable dog license application
  • Click HERE for online dog license renewal
  • Click HERE for a printable cat license application
  • Click HERE for online cat license renewal

If you are applying for the licensed hunter’s exception or the altered dog/cat price, please note that supporting documentation must be submitted at the time you license your pet.  We can not process an application without the necessary supporting documentation.

The license forms are available online (or can be downloaded and completed offline). Completed application forms must be signed and accompanied by payment in full and any supporting documentation (copy of valid hunter’s license or spay/neuter certificate).

County of Kauai dog license fees:

Click HERE for dog license renewal.

Tag cost                                                                $2
Replacement tag cost                                        $2
Two-year altered dog license                           $15
Two-year unaltered dog license                      $50

Licensed hunter’s exception – Two year dog license:

Tag cost                                                                 $2
First dog                                                               $15
For second dog and beyond                              $7

County of Kauai cat license fees:

Click HERE for cat license renewal.

License tag                                                            $2
Replacement tag                                                  $2
Altered cat license                               1 year     $10         2 year         $15
Unaltered cat license                          1 year     $30         2 year         $50

All licenses are a two year license.  All animals must be licensed with the 2019-2020 tag, which expires December 31, 2020. The fees are not prorated. Each license will include the charge of the registration as well as the $2.00 charge for the physical tag.