Kauai Humane Society

The Kauai Humane Society offers a number of educational opportunities for children and teens.

Through these programs, our goal is to promote the human-animal bond through conceptual understanding, as well as prepare the next generation to be kind, compassionate, and to carry on our mission in their everyday lives.

We offer fun, educational programs like

Upcoming Critter Camps:

June 10th to 14th and July 22nd to 26th

Critter Camp offers hands on experience and knowledge that the campers can use in the world. A structured learning experience for kids, ages 7 – 12, to learn about our shelter, humane education, and animals.


Classroom presentations –  KHS Humane Educators visit public and private schools to give humane education presentations to students in grades K–12. Ensuring students’ compassion for animals is an important component of the curriculum. The humane educators are usually accompanied by a canine work partner. KHS offers the following age-specific presentations:

  • Safety Around Dogs (Grades K-7)
  • Basic Pet Care (Grades 3-8)
  • Animal-Related Careers (Grades 7-12)

Shelter compassion tours – We love to have groups visit us. We welcome school groups, churches, clubs, scouts, teams, neighborhood centers, senior citizens, hospital groups and others.  All visits include a 30-60 minute tour of the shelter. You will learn how KHS operates, what we do for our community, and what you can do to help. There is no fee for tours, however we welcome donations.

Special education partnership with DOE – We are proud of our partnership with the Kauai Department of Education. Through this program children and young adults with special needs (ages 13-17) are able to practice work skills and enjoy positive experiences at KHS.

High school community service – We are happy to allow high school students an opportunity to fulfill their community service hours by helping the animals and KHS.

Please contact Humane Education at humaneeducation@kauaihumane.org or 632-0610 ext 103 for more information on any KHS humane education program.