Mahalo for your commitment to helping save the lives of shelter pets!

Please use this page as a reference for resources to help you care for your foster pets. We will continue to update this page as we find more useful information!

How can I help my foster animal get adopted?

  • Post on social media and tag @kauaihumanesociety on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Join the Facebook page “Kauai Humane Society’s Foster Families” to get updates on foster adoption events and to connect with other KHS fosters.
  • Have your friends and family over to meet your foster pet(s).
  • Write a captivating bio for the animal’s profile on the website. Send the bio and any good photos and videos of your foster pet(s) to

Can I adopt my foster?
Sure! But you still have to go through the adoption application process. Similarly, if you have family or friends that want to adopt, they will need to go through the adoption process.


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Kitten Care Basics

We take in LOTS of kittens, and LOTS of very small kittens who need specific care. Without a person to care for these babies, they wouldn’t make it on their own. Thank you for saving their lives!