Fostering Saves Lives!

As the only animal shelter on the island, Kaua`i Humane Society regularly faces overpopulation that puts animals at risk. Because of this, the foster program has become a crucial part of the life saving effort for the most vulnerable animals in our population. By offering your home and time to an animal in need, you help prepare them for adoption and free up critically needed for other animals.

We are committed to supporting our foster animals in every way we can. KHS will provide supplies, medical care for foster animals, and on-call support from our foster team.

You choose which type of foster assignment to care for based on your interests, experience and lifestyle. All you need is your loving home!

Ready to get started?

Being a hero to someone, even if it is a dog, is a feeling like no other. Though it can be frustrating, it can be the most rewarding thing to give someone a second chance at a happy life.

– Elizabeth Parker

Who can be a foster parent?

Almost adult or family can foster animals for KHS! There are no housing requirements, inspections, or special certifications required.  We will work with your specific needs to match you with the right animal for your home and experience level!

Foster volunteers must be over 18 years old.

I work full time. Can I still foster?


Even though our youngest animals need around-the-clock care, most foster eligible animals are more independent and can be alone for multiple hours. We will match you with a foster assignment that works with your schedule and availability.

What if I feel it's not a good fit?

No problem! You are not obligated to keep your assigned foster pet if things aren’t working out. Get in contact with the Foster Coordinator to express your concerns and coordinate a date to return your foster pet to the shelter. We respect your opinion and feelings as a foster parent and know that the right foster placement gives animals the best chance for success!

If you feel unsafe or feel like the current situation is too overwhelming, bring the animal back and we can discuss other options for you!

Can I post my foster pet on social media?


Social media and community engagement are some of the best ways to get your foster adopted into their future forever home! If you do post about them, just be sure to tag @kauaihumane on TikTok, and @kauaihumanesociety on Instagram and Facebook!

Can I foster just one kitten or puppy?

To support healthy behavioral development in kittens and puppies under 8 weeks of age, we always try to send them to foster in pairs or litters. If we do have a singleton we strive to match them with an age-appropriate buddy, if possible. Please be prepared to take at least 2 kittens or puppies when you foster with KHS.

What happens to my foster if I am going out of town?

Your foster team will either coordinate a different foster placement or schedule your animal to return to the shelter for the days you are off island. Please do not attempt to travel to other islands with your foster pet.

If you know someone who can watch your foster animal while you are away, please connect them to your foster coordinator so we can maintain accurate records and provide assistance if needed. We are here to support our fosters so you can enjoy your time away!

I can't foster right now but would love to support the program. How can I Help?

Donations are what keeps this program running!  Donated items are crucial for our animals’ wellbeing. Take a look at our Amazon Wishlist to see which items you can contribute to Kaua`i Humane Society’s foster program. Mahalo for your support!

Foster Opportunities

There’s always an animal who could use your help! Hover over the cards to see the types of fosters we always need!

Kittens or Puppies

Time Commitment: 2 weeks – 2 months

Some kittens and puppies we get are too young to be placed up for adoption. In Kaua`i, kitten season never ends. We see everything from older groups eating solid food to nursing mothers to bottle babies on formula.


Mental Health Support

Time Commitment: Varies by Case

The shelter environment can be stressful and make it hard for some animals to put their best paw forward. Foster homes give those struggling in the shelter a chance to decompress and show their true personalities


Medical Fostering

Time Commitment: 2 weeks – 1 month

The dedicated veterinary team at KHS devotes time to a variety of medical needs encountered by shelter animals. Sick and injured animals heal best in foster homes where they don’t have to experience the stressors of the shelter.


Adoptable Pets in Foster Homes

These pets are in foster homes but still adoptable through the Kauai Humane Society! To set up an in-person meet and greet, please email so we can coordinate a convenient time for you and the foster family to meet at the shelter:
Have any questions?

Email the foster team at