National Heat Awareness Day

Join us for water fun in the dog parks!

We’ll have sprinklers and kiddie pools ready for all the hot pups in our dog parks Wednesday, May 26 in honor of National Heat Awareness Day.

A $5 donation is requested. 

We’ll also have a Facebook Live event showing our shelter dogs enjoying their own water play and enjoying some ice treats!

Can’t join us? Here are some tips to keep your pet cool as the weather warms:

  • Don’t ever leave your pets in the car, but especially on hot days.
  • Be mindful of your pet’s bare padding on their feet when walking on hot pavement and sand. Your pet’s bare feet are sensitive just like your bare feet. Walk in the grass if possible.
  • Your dog can get sunburned too! Use baby-safe sunscreen.
  • On hot days, offer your pet a cool source of water like a kiddie pool.
  • You can also make ice treats using old yogurt quart containers or a bundt pan filled with water and treats/toys. Then freeze them!
  • Or, offer your pet a cold piece of watermelon, Just make sure there are no seeds!

Event Details

Organizer : Kauai Humane Society

Start Date : 2021-05-26

End Date : 2021-05-26

Cost : $5 Donation Requested

Event Venue

E-mail :

Phone : 808.632.0610