Free Spay & Neuter Cat Clinic

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KHS is offering one more free spay and neuter cat clinic in June:

  • Thursday, June 24

These events are open to all cats and kittens that weigh more than two pounds and are at least eight weeks old.

No one will be turned away, but donations are greatly appreciated to help ensure we can continue to offer these programs to our community.

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Why spay/neuter your pet?

By six months of age, cats can produce litters of kittens – even as early as 4-5 months.

Cats that are not spayed or neutered before five months have an increased risk for cancer, behavioral problems and “accidental” pregnancies.

Fixing cats before they are able to reproduce reduces the risk of breast cancer in females by 91%, helps to prevent behavioral problems like fighting and spraying, and prevents unwanted litters that usually end up at overcrowded shelters, or as strays on the street.

Event Details

Organizer : Kauai Humane Society

Start Date : 2021-06-24

End Date : 2021-06-24

Cost : FREE

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Event Venue

E-mail :

Phone : 808.632.0610