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On May 26, the County of Kaua’i signed into law a microchipping ordinance that updated the previous metal tag licensing requirements. Previously, pet owners were required to purchase a new County license every two years to comply with the ordinance. Now, pet owners with a microchipped pet (whether previously microchipped or soon to be microchipped) are in compliance with the ordinance for the duration of their pet’s life, no renewal needed.

KHS offers microchips for $20, but for the month of June, to celebrate the new ordinance, KHS is providing free microchips. If your pet is already microchipped KHS can scan it to ensure the information is up to date to ensure a quick reunification if the pet goes missing.

The new legislation not only saves money for pet owners and the County of Kaua`i but most importantly increases reunification between lost pets and their owners (decreasing stress for all involved).

If your pet is ever lost and brought to KHS or a vet, the pet will be scanned for a microchip. Once KHS has the microchip number, we simply put it into our system and pull up the pet owner’s contact information. The pet is placed on a nine-day hold while we attempt to contact the owner via phone calls and physical mail. Pets without microchips are only on hold for 2 days before they could be adopted into a new home.

Microchipping is a popular practice across the nation. We recommend microchipping your pet(s) no matter where you live to ensure that your pet has a form of identification, they cannot lose, so you can always be reunited with your pet.


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