Free Microchips for Hunters


Free Microchips for Hunters

KHS is offering free microchips to hunters! Just email to register and make sure to bring in your hunting license.

We know at $20 per microchip, chipping a pack of dogs can become pricey, but we want everyone to have access to the security of microchips.

Hunting dogs can get distracted while on task. Especially when someone thinks it’s a lost dog and tries to lure it with food. Having your dogs microchipped helps to ensure that you will be reunited if one ever goes missing.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is not a GPS tracker. It is a small device, about the size of a grain of rice, inserted between the shoulder blades of your pet. It comes with a number which you then register online with your contact information. Your information is always kept secure and confidential.

If your pet ever goes missing and is found by someone who takes it into a vet or animal shelter, it can be scanned for a microchip. The microchip number brings up your contact information so that we can call you and mail out a notice that your pet has been found.

Another benefit to having your pet microchipped is that the law requires us to hold the animal for nine days before it is available for adoption and it’s only held for two days if there is no identification.

Event Details

Organizer : Kauai Humane Society

Start Date : 2021-04-16

End Date : 2021-04-18

Time : 10 a.m.

Cost : FREE

More About Event : Email to register

Event Venue

Venue : Kauai Humane Society

Address : 3-825 Kaumualii Hwy, Lihue, HI 96766

E-mail :

Phone : 808.632.0610