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Happy Feline February!

The Kauai Humane Society is partnering with Kauai Community Cat Project to offer a free cat clinic here at the humane society Thursday, Feb. 18.

This clinic includes free spay and neuter, free microchipping, free pet food to those who need it, and a free break-away collar exchange.

This event is open to call cats and kittens five months and older.

No one will be turned away, but donations are greatly appreciated to help ensure we can continue to offer these programs to our community.

Email to make an appointment.

Why spay/neuter your pet?

By six months of age, cats can produce litters of kittens – even as early as 4-5 months.

Cats that are not spayed or neutered before five months have an increased risk for cancer, behavioral problems and “accidental” pregnancies.

Fixing cats before they are able to reproduce reduces the risk of breast cancer in females by 91%, helps to prevent behavioral problems like fighting and spraying, and prevents unwanted litters that usually end up at overcrowded shelters, or as strays on the street.

Why microchip?

Microchips do not work as GPS systems. You can not track the animals by the chip. However, if a pet has a microchip, the microchip can be scanned to pull up associated information such as your phone number. For example, when a humane officer finds a stray animal, they scan the animal to see if it has a chip. If the animal has a chip, it is placed on a nine-day hold at the shelter and the owner is contacted immediately. If an animal does not have a chip, it is only placed on a two-day hold before it is placed for adoption.

Think of it as it’s for when your pet loses you.

Microchips never get lost or break. They are inserted with a needle between the shoulder blades of the pet. It is a quick and easy procedure that requires no anesthetic, but it can be performed while the pet is under anesthesia such as being spayed or neutered.

A microchip lasts a lifetime, can be updated at any time and your information associated with the chip is private and secure

Why break-away collars?

All cats that wear collars should have break-away collars. These collars come apart if pressure is applied. Cats are often seriously injured because their collar becomes caught on something and they try to squeeze their arm through the collar, jamming the elbow socket. This can be fatal.

If you bring in your regular cat collar we will exchange it for a break-away collar for free. If you do not currently have a collar and would like a break-away collar we will be selling them at a low cost.

Pet Food Bank

If you need pet food, you can sign up for our Gomez Pet Food Bank Program during the clinic and take home food the same day. Our food bank pet food is donated by our generous supporters. Find more information on our pet food bank here.

Event Details

Organizer : Kauai Humane Society

Start Date : 2021-02-18

End Date : 2021-02-18

Cost : FREE

Event Venue

E-mail :

Phone : 808.632.0610