County Ordinances Regarding Dogs and Cats

Leash law: Section 22, Article 2 of the Kauai County Code
Dogs must be under control of their owner by a leash (not more than eight feet long) when off the owner’s property. Exceptions to this article include seeing-eye dogs trained to assist blind persons, dogs used in an official law enforcement capacity and when dogs are used for hunting or obedience training, tracking or show as long as they are accompanied by their owner.

If dogs are found running loose or if used for hunting or training and no owner is obviously present to control them, they are considered stray and in violation of this law. Fines for this violation range from $50 to $200.

This law helps prevent injuries to both people and dogs. Loose dogs can cause serious traffic accidents, threats to children, loss of young livestock and public health concerns with waste droppings. In addition, they cause neighborhood nuisances when digging up trash or causing other dogs to bark who are properly confined in their yards.

Dogs will live longer, healthier lives if kept under control by their owner at all times. They won’t be exposed to unknown poisons such as herbicides and insecticides or even from eating trash. Most importantly, they won’t be injured or killed by cars or even people if causing unwarranted threats or nuisances.


Dog license law: Section 22, Article 10 of the Kauai County Code
If you own a dog, it must be licensed if over three (3) months of age. Dog licenses are renewed every two years.

The law was recently changed in Kauai.  The two-year license (the tag is red and expires on December 31, 2014) has increased.

Current fees for two-year license:
Tag (original or replacement) – $2
Two-year dog license fee for altered dog – $15
Two-year dog license fee for unaltered dog – $50

Licensed hunter’s exception for two-year license
For first dog – $15
For second dog and beyond – $7
“Tag (original or replacement) – $2” under Hunters Section and Cat License Section

Redemption of dog running at large (first occurrence)* 
Altered & licensed – $20
Altered & unlicensed – $30
Unaltered & licensed – $40
Unaltered & unlicensed – $50
Boarding fee (per day) – $12

*Fees increase with each additional impound.

This law was established to identify dogs as property so they could not be stolen. More importantly though, the license provides identification of where the dog lives so he or she can be safely returned home if accidentally lost.

Buy your dog licenses at the Kauai Humane Society.

Cat licensing and spay/neuter law:
The purpose of this Bill is to protect both cats and native wildlife by requiring that cats allowed to roam off their owner’s property and are four months of age be sterilized and have a license. Studies have shown that sterilized, indoor cats can live up to four times longer than unsterilized cats allowed to roam freely. Click here to read the entire ordinance.

Cat licensing fees
Unaltered cat – $30 (for one year); $50 for two years
Altered cat – $10 (for one year); $15 for two years
“Tag (original or replacement) – $2” under Hunters Section and Cat License Section

The Kauai Humane Society offers low-cost spay/neuter services. Click here for more information.


Hawaii passes its first animal cruelty law – Makes animal cruelty a felony offense
On May 1, 2011 the Hawaii Senate passed State Bill 1665, which increases the penalty for extreme cases of animal abuse. After the bill is signed by the governor, the intentional torture, mutilation or poisoning of a pet animal will be a felony offense.

Under the legislation, felony abuse is considered intentionally or knowingly torturing, mutilating or poisoning, or causing the torture, mutilation, or poisoning of any pet animal resulting in serious bodily injury or death of the pet animal.

Exempted are certain veterinary practices, scientific research, and animal cropping and docking procedures.

The felony provision not only applies to acts of cruelty toward cats and dogs, but also rabbits, birds and even domesticated pigs, which some native islanders keep as pets.