Adopting a Pet at Kauai Humane

Thinking About Adopting?

We are so excited to help you find your new furry family member! Adding a pet to your family is an exciting time, and we are here to make sure you find the perfect match! Visiting our shelter is one of the best ways to come and meet the dog, cats, and other critters available for adoption. If you are coming in to adopt, please plan to spend at least 1-2 hours at the shelter meeting animals and speaking with an adoption counselor.

Be sure to check our listings of dogs, cats and critters every day as new animals are listed on a regular basis!


The Kaua’i Humane Society is located just west of Puhi:

Street Address: 3-825 Kaumualii Hwy, Lihue, HI 9676


Daily: 11am - 5:30pm

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Our Adoption Process


Step 1: Fill out a dog or cat adoption questionnaire. (For rabbits/guinea pigs, please use the cat questionnaire).

Step 2: We will confirm that your current pets (if any) are up to date on their monthly preventatives and vaccines.

Step 3: If you rent your home, we will confirm that your landlord allows pets. We want to set you and your new pet for success!

Step 4: Have a conversation with a staff member or one of our adoption counselor to ensure the animal you are interested in is a good match for what you are looking for in a pet!

Please note that we need to speak to all the adults in the residence to be sure everyone is on board with adding a pet to the home. This can be done by phone.

Adoption Fees

Dogs over 6 months old: $110
Dogs over 7 years old: $65
Puppies under 6 months: $135
Cats over 6 months old: $60
Cats over 7 years old: $35
Kittens under 6 months old: $75
Rabbits: $25
Guinea Pigs: $25

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require adopters to bring their current pets to the shelter before adoption?

Not unless your pet — or the animal you’d like to adopt — is “picky” about their dog or cat friends.

Why so many steps?

We want to be sure that you are taking home a dog, cat or guinea pig that meets their needs. We want your new family member to stay with you forever!

What medical care have adoptable pets received?

All dogs and puppies are tested for heartworm, provided with preventative healthcare, spayed or neutered and microchipped.

All cats and kittens are provided with preventative healthcare, spayed or neutered and microchipped.

All rabbits and guinea pigs are provided preventative healthcare, and spayed or neutered.

What if the animal is not altered yet?

You can adopt the animal, and we will get them into spay/neuter surgery in the next available appointment. You can pick them up as soon as the surgery is complete!

Can I place a “HOLD” on an animal?

Holds are available ONLY FOR 24 HOURS. The only exception is if we are close the next day, in which case the hold will be for 48 hours. The hold ends at the time of day the hold is placed.  So, if a hold is placed at 2pm on Thursday, it ends at 2pm on Friday. We require a $25 non-refundable deposit to place a hold. If you decide to adopt, it will be put towards your adoption fee. Why only 24 hours? We want our animals to get into homes as quickly as possible so we don’t want to prevent adoptions for more than 24 hours.