We are at critical capacity at the shelter and so we are offering an off-island adoption special.

What is Mission Mainland 2.0?

We’ve decided to adapt to this unique situation and put the funds for the mass transfer flight towards off-island adoptions instead. We are offering an all-inclusive price of $150 to the first 125 animals adopted off-island. Off-island adoptions normally cost around $700-800 so this is an incredible deal. We will adopt out two-for-one kittens because two kittens can share a travel kennel. However, we are very full in our dog adoption floors, and we really need to get our shelter dogs adopted.

This $150 prices includes the adoption fee of the animal (who has already been altered, microchipped and vaccinated) rabies vaccines, health certificate, travel crate, and all travel expenses. Adopters will need to pick up their animal from the airport.

Participating airports include: Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Jose. We can ship pets to other locations for an additional fee.

Adopt a Furry Souvenir!

Off-Island Adoptions

One of the fun services we offer is our off-island adoptions program. That’s right! You can adopt a Kaua`i pet from wherever you live and we’ll ship to you!

Did you fall in love with a dog or cat during your visit to Kaua`i?

That’s okay! We can help you bring home the best souvenir possible!

Our off-island adoptions program is readily available if you are interested in adopting from our shelter! We will coordinate everything you’ll need to get them to their fur-ever homes off-island. If you have any questions or would like to inquire regarding off-island adoptions, please email offislandadoptions@kauaihumane.org.

Off-Island Adoption Charges

  • Flight*
  • Kennel (that meets specifications of airline)
  • Kennel Pick Up and Prep
  • Transportation to Airport
  • Flight Check in
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Health Certificate
  • Leash and Collar Set
  • Food
  • Adoption Fee
  • Boarding While Awaiting Flight

       TOTAL: $700

*other charges may incur for layover boarding and connecting flights

We're Here to Help!

If you would like to make your own travel arrangements for your pet, our off-island adoptions specialists are happy to guide you through the process.

Before Leaving for the Mainland, All Animals Need to Visit a Vet for:

A health certificate ($50)
A rabies vaccine ($30) if over 3 months of age

They also need a flight reservation, crate and travel pack. You can make those arrangements yourself or KHS can help you.

View pets available for off-island adoptions here.
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Need another option for getting your new furry friends home?

Fly High Kaua`i are experts and work exclusively on transferring animals.

Email flyhighkauai@gmail.com or message them on Instagram @flyhighkauai for an estimate.