Read to shelter cats and kittens!

We are sorry to have to suspend our Book Tails reading program temporarily. Our shelter cat population has gotten to an extremely high level which runs the risks for disease spread. Until we have the population down to a more manageable level, we will not be offering Book Tails. 

Why can't my child who is less than 7 years of age participate?

This program is focused on children reading on their own to animals in order to build
confidence and improve their reading skills. By age 7 most children are able to start reading on their own and this program hopes to improve that skillset.

Why can’t I (a parent) sit with my child while they read?

Though we believe reading with your child is a wonderful bonding experience this program
aims at children bonding with cats. Some other participants may find an adult’s presence
intimidating if they have difficulty reading. We want to ensure the readers feel no judgment or pressure.

Can I walk around the shelter while my child reads?

Due to COVID and safety we are not able to allow you to walk the shelter unescorted. Please
remain on the bench during the program until your reader has finished. Please feel free to bring a book you enjoy.