Job Opening: Volunteer Coordinator


The Kauai Humane Society, Kauai’s only open admission animal shelter, seeks an energetic, outgoing individual to recruit, train and supervise volunteers and assist with humane education on the island. The Volunteer Coordinator role is a full-time position which comes with competitive benefits and a guaranteed annual salary.

Advance KHS’s mission by connecting people to the organization through engagement and volunteer activities. Provide direction and coordination to current and prospective volunteers to create positive, meaningful volunteer experiences that support strong relationships with community members. Foster a spirit of collaboration and teamwork among staff and volunteers. Manage volunteers to support the expansion of KHS’s valuable lifesaving programs.


Role and Responsibilities:

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for:


    • Building Connections:
      • Connect people with their passion for helping the animals, people, and communities that KHS serves by designing engagement opportunities across the organization’s functions.
      • Love working with people and forming mutually beneficial relationships.
      • Harness volunteer energy, enthusiasm, and passion in ways that best meet organizational needs.


    • Supporting and Guiding Volunteers:
      • Provide excellent customer service and support to ensure volunteers feel welcome, recognized and valued.
      • Serve as first-line support should a volunteer issue arise, and work to increase understanding and resolve any issue in a positive and productive manner.
      • Continually educate volunteers on KHS’s position and policies on animal welfare-related topics. Maintain clear and consistent communications with volunteers, staff, and community stakeholders, including managing the KHS Volunteer Facebook group and all volunteer department email and phone communications.
      • Ensure workplace safety for volunteers by identifying risks and understanding their impact, develop policies and procedures that will minimize or eliminate those risks, implement, promote and evaluate these policies and procedures, and maintain appropriate waivers.
      • Compose and design volunteer newsletters.


    • Recruiting, Onboarding and Overseeing Volunteer Orientation process:
      • Actively recruit volunteers from around the island.
      • Properly onboard volunteers in our online system, and maintain the online volunteer database and all records.
      • Lead bimonthly volunteer orientations, and/or manage the publishing of online orientations and flow of onboarding post-online training.
      • Foster an open and welcoming atmosphere that is inclusive and judgement-free for all volunteers, staff, and community members.
      • Ensure appropriate training and placement of all volunteers by developing policies, procedures, and standards for all volunteers and volunteer opportunities.
      • Present and illustrate the “why” behind volunteer program rules and protocols to create buy-in and understanding.


    • Developing Volunteer Program:
      • Ensure volunteer activities are closely aligned with the needs of KHS staff and animals, and ensure appropriate integration and training of volunteers with staff activities.
      • Develop a more structured volunteer program to match volunteers with opportunities.
      • Increase staff capacity by identifying activities that can be delegated to volunteers.
      • Oversee volunteer activities for events both offsite and at shelter locations.
      • Recruit volunteers for specific projects and programs.
      • Ensure volunteer hours – including volunteer foster parents — are properly logged.
      • Evaluate volunteer activity to find areas of improvement and waste by documenting and measuring activities in each functional area; monitoring and reporting relevant metrics including number of volunteers in each area, number of hours served, number of animals adopted or treated; and soliciting feedback from program coordinators to find additional opportunities.


    • Assisting in Humane Education activities:
      • Represent KHS when needed at job fairs, volunteer fairs, and other education events.
      • Ensure that Critter Camp is properly staffed.


  • Performing other duties or projects as assigned.


Anticipated Salary:

$35,000 – $37,000 depending on experience level of candidate.