Aloha Escorts: Shelter Pet Transfer Program

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mercades transfer2

Mercedes is a beautiful 7 year old hound mix who is waiting for her chance to transfer to one of our partner shelters on the mainland. The Aloha Escorts Shelter Pet Transfer Program has sent more than 1300 animals to the mainland since its start in 2012. For much of that time Alaska Airlines waived the animal cost if we found an escort.  Currently the program has been put on hold while it is being reviewed by Alaska Airlines.

The cost for each transfer is now $150. If KHS were to ship 417 animals as we did last year, the total cost would be $62,550. We desperately need your financial support.

We currently have the budget to transfer only 6 animals a month and have a donor who has pledged $450 a month for the next 6 months giving us the ability to ship 3 additional animals per month.

Last year we were able to ship an average of 34 animals per month and were hoping to grow our program even more this year. With each $150 we raise, we can save TWO additional lives; the animal transferring and the animal placed on the adoption floor.

Mercedes and other animals like her need your help.
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