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Looking for basic pet care tips?  Experiencing problems with your pet? Destructive pets are likely trying to tell you something.  Please see our dog and cat behavior resources below and check out additional behavior resources from the ASPCA.



Addressing dogs who eat feces: “A Dirty Little Habit”

Socialization for young pups: “Bringing Up Baby”

Putting an end to canine oral destruction: “Chew On This”, “Destructive Chewing”

Leadership for bossy dogs: “Dethroning the Canine King”

Channeling a dog’s urge to dig: “Digger Dogs”

Resolving separation anxiety problems: “Don’t Leave Me This Way”

Selecting the right training tools: “Equipment Matters”

Barking: “Barking Dog Tips”“Barking Dog Resources”, “How to Handle Barking”

House training: “House Training Your Puppy or Newly Adopted Dog”

Resolving leash aggression: “Leash Aggression”


Adopting the right cat for you:  “A Cat is Waiting”

Bringing home a new cat: “Breaking the Ice”“Introducing Your Cat to Other Pets”

Resolving household destruction: “By Tooth and Nail”, “The Destructive Cat”, “Claws”, “Destructive Scratching”

Resolving feline aggression: “Cats on the Edge”, “The Aggressive Cat”

Safe toy selection for your feline:  “Cat’s Play”

Licking: “Cats that Lick too Much”

Resolving house soiling: “The House Soiling Cat”

Feline Stress  Urinary Tract Infection: “What is FLUTD?”

Additional Reading Recommended by Our Group of Profesional Dog Trainers

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Pet Safety Advice

Need additional help?

Whether you’ve recently adopted a new pet or and have questions about his or her behavior, or have more long-standing problem with your companion animal, we’re here to help!

Call our free behavior helpline at (808) 632-0610, extension 116. Please leave us a message with your name, telephone number, a brief description of the behavior problem, and a convenient time to receive a return call. Every effort will be made to get back to you within 24 hours.

Kauai Humane Society’s behavior helpline is a free, volunteer-managed services designed to provide you with suggestions for resolving your pets’ behavior issues, as well as recommendations on where to go for help resolving more complex issues.