Kauai Humane Society

The Kauai Humane Society accepts every single animal brought to us for help, regardless of that animal’s health, age, physical condition, behavior, or species. We are the only open-admission shelter on Kauai.

KHS commits to every healthy, happy and well-adjusted dog and cat we place in our adoption areas.  Animals are able to remain at the shelter and receive love, nurturing comfort and care for the days, weeks, months, or longer it may take until a new permanent, responsible and loving home is found.

Every year, KHS saves the lives of hundreds of animals: homeless, injured, orphaned, unwanted, lost, abandoned and often mistreated animals, including dogs and cats and other companion animals, farm animals, exotic animals, and native wildlife.

KHS has outstanding programs in place to help the animals we care for have as many options at a new life as possible.

  • We have a robust Foster Program, giving healthy, kittens and puppies an opportunity to grow up to be old enough for adoption.  Foster homes also provide a safe respite for an animal’s recovery from a medical issue.
  • We have a highly successful Shelter Pet Transfer Program that partners us with Alaska Airlines to fly our animals to multiple mainland rescue and shelter adoption programs.  Since 2013, this program alone has placed over 2,177, animals into new lives and loving homes.
  • Our Field Trip Program, which enables visitors and residents to take a dog out for the day to enjoy a hike or the beach, results in, at minimum, 2 adoptions a week to places all over the map, including internationally.
  • Natural Pet Hawaii hosts adoptable dogs twice each week as a Mobile Adoption Location.
  • Volunteers help the animals by getting them out into the community through our Mobile Adoption Program.

Over the past 7 years we have reduced our euthanasia rate by 45% and increased our live release rate by 16 percentage points. We continue year after year to move forward with new programs. These programs are designed to decrease the number of animals entering the shelter and “safety net’ programs to enable families to keep their companions. Our intake of animals continues to drop each year indicating success of our adoption, education, transfer and safety net programs.

All of this wonderful work is made possible thanks to our caring staff and with the help of our more than 250 active volunteers and more than 3,000 contributing supporters.

Q2 FY 2018 County Report Animal Statistics

Kauai Humane Society calculates statistics based on the NFHS Basic Matrix 2016-2017

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