PUHI — The Kauai Humane Society needs your help.

As of Friday, KHS had 71 dogs and puppies, 75 cats and kittens, six guinea pigs and a rabbit up for adoption.

“We need as many temporary foster homes as we can get,” said Laura Lee, development director at KHS. “We’ll provide all the supplies, the food and medication and instructions for each animal.”

Usually, the foster program requires those interested to attend volunteer orientation and then meet with KHS staff members to ensure a good fit for human and animal.

But KHS is opening the door to anyone with the room and time to care for an extra set of paws.

The length of time that animals will be fostered depends on the animal, but people can take a furry vagabond into their homes for as little as a week.

“We’re fully into puppy and kitten season, and a lot of our foster kittens and puppies are coming of age, so they’re available for adoption,” Lee said.

At the same time, the arrival of the summer vacation season has dwindled the number of people on the island with the time and resources to foster and adopt, Lee said.

“We want to provide the animals a comfortable space to be,” Lee said. “We don’t want to stress them out any more than we have to, and a temporary home could lead to an adoption.”

Transferring animals to the Mainland remains high on the KHS priority list.

To foster an animal, visit KHS at 3-825 Kaumualii Highway in Puhi.



Written by Jessica Else at The Garden Island Newspaper