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Your interest in joining our team of devoted and caring staff is appreciated and may lead to a rewarding career with the Kauai Humane Society. The staff here provides care and hope to the shelter’s animals and services to the community that is a great help in our endeavors to reach our goals. It is our hope that working at KHS is a rewarding and challenging experience.  We want all KHS staff to be part of the process – the humane treatment of all living creatures. All positions open until filled.

Animal Program Manager

General Summary:

This position is responsible for three critical animal welfare programs at the Kauai Humane Society: adoptions, transfers, and fostering.  This position is responsible for working closely with the vet staff, the animal care staff, and the Executive Director to increase the quantity and quality of adoptions, transfers, and fosters in order to save more lives.  This position will be responsible for knowing what animals are available or will be available for fostering, adoption or transfer; for ensuring that adopters are good matches for the KHS animals; for developing lasting transfer relationships; and for building a sustainable foster network.


Essential Job Functions:

  1. Develops and refines a system for local and out of state adoptions.  Screens adopters to ensure they will provide loving homes and/or develops a volunteer team to assist with this screening.
  2. Coordinates the logistics of local and out of state adoptions.
  3. Follows up with adopters to ensure their animals are doing well and to increase post-adoption engagement to benefit KHS.
  4. Works collaboratively with the vet and animal care staff to develop a strong understanding of the needs of the animals on the adoption floor to better place them in forever homes.
  5. Maintains existing transfer relationships, cultivates new relationships, and works with transfer partners to share who is available for transfer.
  6. Prepares animals for transfer, makes cargo  (or other) reservations, oversees the assembly of crates and works with the vet staff to ensure animals are prepared to travel.
  7. Develops a foster program that sets both animal and human up for success.  Serves as a resource for fosters with animals.  Coordinates vet care for animals in foster. Works with volunteers either involved in fostering or overseeing aspects of the foster program.
  8. Works with the Development Director on community based adoption events.
  9. Works with the Development Director on grants to fund the transfer program.

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Full-Time and Part-Time Client Services Representatives

This position represents KHS in a professional and courteous manner and provides quality client service at the Shelter’s front desk. This position requires learning a wide range of policies and procedures and the ability to enter complete and accurate data into our computer system. CSR positions work with clients to facilitate the adoption and receiving of animals and the redemption of animals dictated by local and state laws and KHS policies. Assists clients visiting the shelter for programs and services.  The ideal candidate would have prior customer service experience, have strong communication skills, be responsible for money management, be efficient and able to multi task, be able to work well with others and be well organized and high energy. This does include hands on working at the desk, animals and typically works a rotating schedule. 

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1 Full-Time Field Service Representatives

We are currently seeking hard-working professionals to respond to public complaints concerning animals, enforce animal-related laws, rescue animals and assist with other Society services. Must have a valid drivers license with a good driving record. Requires minimum two years working with the public and strongly prefer two years working with animals. Click here to apply now. No phone calls please.

1 Part-Time Direct Release Representative

The Kauai Humane Society is seeking a detail-oriented self-starter to join our team as a part-time Direct Release Customer Service Representative.  The Direct Release Program is responsible for the effective transfer of mainland pets to the state of Hawaii, and often times this representative is the first touch point for those pet owners moving on-island.  Delivering an excellent customer experience is just one critical piece of this important position, and we feel strongly that if you naturally embody the values and qualities we seek, the technical aspects of the job can be taught.  Read below to see if this role is right for you.

You may be who we’re looking for if:

         You believe that being “on time” for an appointment is actually showing up five minutes early.

         You are the dependable one in your group of friends and family; you may even use the phrase “My word is my bond”.

         You get excited by and are good at planning and scheduling events and parties, and understand there is flexibility involved.

         You are constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grown in your professional and personal life.  In fact, when seeking employment, you prefer jobs in which continuing education is required.

         When you learn a new process or procedure your mind naturally thinks, “how could this be improved?”

         You’re notorious for striking-up conversations with complete strangers.

         You naturally seek-out working with others and collaborating to accomplish tasks, but you are equally motivated by independent projects.

         A 9-5 gig just isn’t for you – you prefer working in an exciting and spontaneous environment where the schedule is ever-changing.

         You’re uncomfortable sitting behind a desk all day, though are completely confident in your computer skills (and feel they’re critical to an efficient work product, too).

  • Others have referred to you as the “dog or cat whisperer” because of your innate ability to connect with even the most skittish animals

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