Emergency Support & Boarding

Kauai Humane Society is fortunate to have a safe place for pets in the event of an island-wide disaster, or if pet owners are forced to evacuate. Because Kauai is subject to dangerous year-round hazards such as flash floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, pet owners must be prepared at all times.

Preparation may seem unnecessary now, but when it comes to our precious pets, it is always important to be prepared in order to protect them. Therefore, we advise that pet owners do the following:

  • Determine the safest place in your home for you and your pet(s) during a disaster. The place you select should be away from windows and free of breakable objects.
  • If you live in a low-lying or coastal area that is likely to be evacuated in a flood emergency, make advance arrangements for your pets.
  • Keep a pet carrier on hand for each pet. The carrier or crate should be large enough for a pet to stand, comfortably lie down and turn around when inside it. Take time to familiarize your pet with the carrier ahead of time to lessen the stress for everyone during an emergency.
  • Be sure your pet wears identification at all times. A properly fitted collar and leash are also essential for dogs. Better yet, have your pet microchipped and commit to always maintaining the microchip information, ensuring it is accurate at all times.
  • Keep your pet’s vaccinations current and have those records handy. Many boarding facilities, including KHS, require proof of current vaccinations.
  • Keep a current photo of your pet to help ensure identification if you are separated during an emergency.
  • Stock up on pet food, kitty litter, water, pet medications and other needed supplies.

Pet-friendly emergency sheltering services at Kauai Humane Society

Fortunately, Kauai Humane Society is able to provide a pets-only evacuation shelter for dogs, cats and small animals. There are requirements for each pet and space is limited.

Our public emergency sheltering services are available on a first come, first served basis. We do not take reservations for this service, so please know your options.

The following locations also offer human and pet emergency sheltering in the event of a disaster:
Waimea High School
Waimea Canyon School
Ele`ele School
Kalaheo School
Kauai High School
Kapaa High School
Kapaa Middle School

Kauai Humane Society requires the following for each pet in order for them to be housed with us during an emergency.

  • A crate or carrier big enough for the animal to sit, stand, lie down and turn around, with enough space for food, water and litter pan (cats only).
  • Each pet must be identified with a microchip. If your pet isn’t microchipped, we can provide that service for a fee.
  • Proof of current vaccinations are required, as well as flea and tick preventative.
  • You must provide a minimum of one week supply of food and medication for each pet.
  • Dogs must have a collar or harness and a leash.

For additional information, please contact us at (808) 632-0610.