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Our Members-Only Dog Park

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Your annual tax-deductible membership to Kauai Humane Society helps us to maintain Freddie’s Dog Park and to offer a variety of programs benefitting our island O’hana.

One of the benefits of a membership to the Kaua’i Humane Society is that you have access to our members-only off-leash dog park located on Humane Society grounds.

Freddie’s Dog Park has just undergone some major improvements, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. Recent improvements include concrete pads for the five new gazebos, additional picnic tables, benches and 31 new trees!

KHS invites the community to adopt a tree, picnic table or gazebo as a memorial or tribute to a loved one. Donated funds support the health and welfare of the shelter animals. To learn more about recognition opportunities call our Development Department at 632-0610, ext. 108 or visit our Tributes and Memorials page.

Become a KHS member, leash up your dog and pay us a visit!

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Dog Park Hours:

8am-6pm Tuesday – Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday – Monday


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dog park? A dog park is a fenced area where dogs can exercise and socialize without having to remain on a leash. Being social creatures, dogs like to interact – both with the humans they live with and with other dogs.

Most places on Kauai prohibit you from letting your dog run loose without being leashed. The Kauai Humane Society’s dog park is a safe and legal place to allow dogs off leash as long as they are supervised by their owners.

Our dog park features two separate areas; a larger area for the big dogs over 30 pounds, and smaller area for the little guys. Both areas have double-gated entries to prevent escape.

Why is it called Freddie’s Dog Park? A large donation was given to the Kauai Humane Society in honor of Freddie, a Lhasa Apso mix who was adopted from our shelter. Freddie’s “mom” asked that part of the donation be used for fencing a dog park.

Other funding received for the dog park included a generous $15,000 grant from the G.N. Wilcox Trust and donations from many Kauai dog lovers.

When is the park open? Dog park hours are Tuesday – Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturdays – Monday, 8am-4pm. The small dog park may be closed some Saturday mornings until 10am to allow for dog training classes.

Are there any rules I must follow to use the park? Yes, we ask all visitors to please follow these guidelines:

  • Pet owners accept full responsibility for themselves, their pets and their children.
  • Dogs are to be leashed when entering and exiting the parks.
  • Dogs in heat should be left at home.
  • Puppies and dogs are to be vaccinated and healthy.
  • Dogs are to be kept under close supervision by their owners at all times.
  • Leash your dog in the park at the first sign of aggressive behavior.
  • Please clean up after your dog.
  • Park guests must be current members of the Kauai Humane Society. Please visit our membership page to renew your KHS membership or to become a member.

What if there is a problem? Go to our front desk and report the problem. We also can provide immediate first aid. Remember, use of the dog park is self-governing and we encourage dog owner’s to monitor their pets, as well as communicate with one another while using the park.

Freddie’s Dog Park is here for all of us to enjoy with our dogs. Please help keep the park safe and clean by keeping an eye on your dog at all times.

Mahalo for your kokua. Enjoy the park!